Our Doctors and Practitioners

Dr. Darren Schmidt

Dr. Darren Schmidt, nutrition response testing practitioner, chiropractor

Dr. Darren Schmidt, Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner, Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Schmidt wanted to become a doctor so he studied pre-med at Ohio State University. Before applying for medical school, he began to ask questions of medical students and doctors about their profession. Not one of them encouraged him to follow in their footsteps. He decided to investigate other health professions like podiatry, optometry and veterinary and ultimately he decided to attend chiropractic school. He had spent a few hours with a chiropractor in his hometown and liked the natural and wholistic approach. He graduated in the spring of 1997 from the National College of Chiropractic in Chicago. He then opened a practice in Toledo for 3 1/2 years. He moved to Ann Arbor in 2000. Dr. Schmidt is originally from Swanton, Ohio.

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Kerry Cradit

Kerry Cradit, Nuttirion Response Testing Practitioner, B.S. Nutrition and Food Science

Kerry Cradit, Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner, B.S. Nutrition and Food Science

Kerry has extensive experience in helping people get well with proper health education and nutrition. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Food Science from Madonna University, she is a Certified Advanced Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner.  She is also a Certified Pilates instructor and former Dance teacher.

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Dr. Amanda Childress

Dr. Childress

Dr. Amanda Childress, Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner, Doctor of Pharmacy

Dr. Amanda R. Childress is a licensed Pharmacist who now uses Nutrition Response Testing℠ in her new profession of Wholistic Pharmacist. She attended Pre-Pharmacy Studies at James Madison University in Virginia and graduated with her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Shenandoah University in 2007. Dr. Amanda practiced community based pharmacy for 3 years before changing her focus to a wholistic, non-drug approach. Her first hand knowledge of the damage being done by our modern drug-centered healthcare system led her to nutrition and the solutions provided by Mother Nature.

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Connie Kelly-Saur

Connie Kelly-Saur

Connie Kelly-Saur, Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner, B.S. Medical Science

Connie Kelly-Saur has a B.S in Medical Science, with a background in Biochemistry. She studied pre-med in her undergrad and was on her way to Medical School when her health prevented her from attending. She saw multiple specialists, was now taking a total of ten medications, but they were still unable to figure out what was wrong. Without feeling any improvement, or finding any answers, Connie heard about The Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor, and how real food and nutrition was used to heal the body naturally. She began as a patient of Dr. Schmidt’s in 2009, and with time and commitment to her program, she was able to come off all of her medications. After experiencing firsthand how Nutrition Response Testing helped her feel better naturally, Connie decided to become a Practitioner. Now she helps others improve their health and heal the body with whole food nutrition. Connie sees patients Wednesday through Saturday. My Health Story

Kristen Clore

Kristen Clore, BS, MOT, OTRL, Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner

Kristen Clore, Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner, Clinical Specialist of Occupational Therapy

Kristen Clore BS, MOT, OTRL

Kristen Clore OTR, CWC is an occupational therapist, certified wellness coach and nutrition response testing practitioner. She has a holistic approach to overall health and well-being. As an occupational therapist Kristen works to help restore her patient’s cognitive and physical function in order to achieve independence in daily activities that improve quality of life. At the Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor, Kristen helps patients to achieve their full potential through individualized whole food nutrition programs developed using nutrition response testing.

Kristen completed her bachelor’s degree in science, and her master’s degree in occupational therapy at Eastern Michigan University. She also completed certificate training in manual lymphatic therapy, kinesiotaping, and therapeutic Tai Chi. Kristen is trained through Ulan Nutritional Systems in Advanced Practice Nutrition Response Testing.

Dr. Joel Vickers

chiropractor, applied kinesiology

Dr. Joel Vickers, Doctor of Chiropractic, Applied Kinesiology

Dr. Joel Vickers earned his Bachelor’s degree in Human Biology and graduated from National College of Chiropractic in 1991. He practiced in Holland, Michigan for twenty-one years. Over time he observed strengths and weaknesses in various techniques and found Nutrition Response Testing. While attending his first Nutrition Response Testing seminar in 2009, which was taught by Dr. Darren Schmidt, Dr. Vickers told Dr. Schmidt about the lack of energy he suffered for a year due to total shoulder replacement surgery. Within three weeks after following Dr. Schmidt’s recommendations, Dr. Vickers had all his energy back. Because of that experience he knew he had found a total system for nutrition testing. He is excited to be working alongside such talented practitioners and is looking forward to helping others regain control of their health. Dr. Vickers is married to the beautiful and talented Donna Vickers and has two daughters and three granddaughters.

Dr. Jennifer Zumbrink

Dr. Jennifer Zumbrink

Dr. Jennifer Zumbrink, Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner, Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Jennifer Zumbrink is a Naturopath, Nutrition Response Test Practitioner and founder of Food First by Jennifer. She comes to the NHCAA with a desire to educate and empower individuals with the tools they need to be healthy. In 2011, she started her own public speaking business (foodfirstbyjennifer.com) to teach corporate employees how to ‘Optimize Energy and Prevent Disease’. After graduating from Michigan State University with a Bachelors of Arts degree, she had a continuum of health issues that compromised her quality of life. It wasn’t until she took a natural approach that her health dramatically improved. In the fall of 2009, she began training with a Naturopath in northern Michigan. In 2013, Jennifer completed her Doctorate of Naturopathy. While earning her doctorate, she spent two years working as a nutritional counselor at the Bio Energy Medical Center in Ann Arbor, MI. To date she has given over 50 health and wellness presentations to businesses and associations around the state of Michigan.  Jennifer is also advanced clinically trained in Nutrition Response Testing. She loves educating people and helping them use non-invasive methods along with whole food supplementation to restore their health. Jennifer see’s patients in the office on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Nick Pomante, RDN

After several years of youth Nick struggled to find his identity and was unhappy with his health and lifestyle. He realized he couldn’t continue feeling like this and recognized that healthy people always looked happy. With this in mind he became interested in nutrition and fitness later becoming a lifelong athlete. It was at this time he came to the conclusion that nutrition determined how you looked, felt and performed, overall accomplishing a better lifestyle.

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